April 26, 2008

A bit of a switch

Posted in Uncategorized at 08:04 by almindor

It seems that while SSL made it into 0.6.0 (albeit in a rather bumpy way), Qt4 support got postponed. The good news is that at least one of them made it though.

0.6 saw an addition of sessions and some minor redesigns. All in all I feel good about this release. Apart from the logical problem with SSLSession, all seems to be working ok.

Another thing some of you might have noticed is that the new release didn’t change sending in any way. Indeed, in the past I had it planned to change sending in basic TLSocket to be more “user friendly” by making it buffered and automatic on TCP connections. In other words, if you send something on TCP you no longer have to care about how big it is and if it made it in one send command. The idea to do this was scrapped however, mostly because lNet still is lightweight, and it was decided to stay so. The original design made this change a bit more complicated, and I decided (after some persuation by Micha) that it’s better to leave things as is.

If someone needs to simplify sending of bigger chunks of data, they can always inherit from TLTcp and TL[SSL]Socket and change how sending works. But the basic building blocks of lNet will remain as they are.


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