September 22, 2009

Donations welcome

Posted in Uncategorized at 09:09 by almindor

It’s been a quiet time for lNet lately, mainly due to me getting a girlfriend and having the “fatherland” change (no, I don’t expect a kid yet, but I did get a full-time job and finished school), so there was little time for hobby projects. I’m happy to say that I received a nice donation for lNet and have started working on IPv6 protocol support due to this. Anyone with IPv6 ready setup is welcome to help me test the new code (just write me a mail). I’m especially interrested in SSL over IPv6 and other higher protocols (not even sure if say FTP works over IPv6, but I guess it should).

I’ll also try and get that Qt4 interface done, although this will probably require changes in the libqt4pascal C++ code as well (if anyone is willing to help with this, it’d be a huge help). There have been a lot of questions regarding the working of HTTP code in lNet, mainly GET/POST and some specific header questions. I’ll try and get Micha to write a nice how to on this page.


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