May 9, 2010

Qt4 here we come!

Posted in Internet, Linux at 13:05 by almindor

Finally after a lot of problems and roadblocks the Qt4 Lazarus interface (and lNet part too although that was minor change) is complete. After I found out that the Qt4Pas project added QSocketNotifier support I knew the time has come. The Qt4 socket event watching mechanism is an odd beast, and in my opinion not very well designed (at least for external non-C++ OOP sockets) but the good news is it was doable and Gtk compatible as well! This means that the only real change in lNet was adding the same include file for Qt4 as I use for Gtk (and Gtk2) widgetsets.

Other noteworthy additions in the 0.6.4 release are major fixes:

  • Fix compilation of WinCE lNet on fpc 2.4.0+
  • Fix FTP visual example (missing file in svn)
  • Fix http URL parser (no more trailing / problems)
  • Fix FTP bug when retreived file was unavailable from server (hanging socket syndrome)

All in all a nice release. The only thing really missing now is a fully functioning (which means on windows too) IPv6 and Carbon/Cocoa integration in Lazarus.


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