March 11, 2011

SSL server and fixes

Posted in Uncategorized at 12:03 by almindor

After a prolonged inactivity period I’m getting back at hacking lNet and fixing bugs. In the past weeks I’ve found a few ugly new bugs in DecodeURL (used in HTTP examples etc.) which was introduced in 0.6.4, which has been fixed. But the real news is that SSL server support is now in lNet trunk and is about to get properly tested in my “big project”. Per socket TLS activation and other nifty features now work fine. Disconnect code also saw some minor changes and lNet is now 100% a “nice player” when it comes to disconnecting. 0.6.5 should arrive shortly with these changes and new features. I still plan to add IPv6 support to the list (fixing of windows IPv6 problems, since IPv6 on Unix platforms works fine).


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