18th of Januady 2013:

A bit of non-lnet news for a change. I have released the Android game Fermin The Frog. It’s a funny little jumper game. I would be very thankful to anyone who could put out the word for it (no need to buy the full version).


13th of March 2011:

A new version of lNet was just released. 0.6.5 completes SSL and IPv6 support including server-side and per-socket (for SSL) setting. SSL and IPv6 bugs were fixed as well as some remaining disconnect problems related to server bind errors and lingering sockets. DecodeURL bug introduced in 0.6.4 was also fixed.

9th of May 2010:

A new version of lNet was just released. 0.6.4 adds Qt4 support inside Lazarus (lazarus latest trunk needed, 0.9.30 should be 1st stable with it). There were also numerous fixes (http URL parsing, FTP problems) and one major bug fixed (WinCE compilation with FPC 2.4.0+). Grab it at SVN, packages will be uploaded ASAP.


13th of February 2010:

Well there’s a skip in dates. Anyways version 0.6.3 of lNet has been released, you can find it in the downloads section. There’s been various bugfixes and file renames to avoid FPC conflicts. I didn’t find the time to do the QT4 port as I wanted but it’s in the works now. Some SSL fixes were made as well.


30th of May 2008:

Where to begin? This is a HUGE critical bugfix release. There was about 5 big bugs fixed in SSL section, one logical oversight in Session support. OpenSSL unit was added so WinCE compiles again and SMTP and FTP got bugs fixed in regards to possible desynchronization. I’d urge everyone who uses 0.6.x to update ASAP, but some bugs are also from 0.5.x (specifically the SMTP and FTP event deadlock problem).


For more information on the various bugs, please see the lNet blog.

18th of May 2008:

It seems that due to an oversight in what’s packaged with FPC and for which platform, lNet 0.6.x doesn’t currently compile on WinCE due to missing OpenSSL unit. The unit is in fpc 2.2.0, but is not compiled for that platform yet (it is in 2.2.1+). I will add the unit to lNet and release 0.6.2 shortly, but until then, WinCE users can work around this by copying this file into their lnetdir/lib directory. (same will be done in 0.6.2 so don’t worry)


26th of April 2008:

0.6.1 has been released today. This release fixes an ugly SSL logical bug in regards to the mandatory requirements of Certificate Authority List file and Keyfile proprties of SSLSession. They are no longer needed for normal SSL to work. A minor change in HTTP and handling of SSLSession are also present.


Bugfix release.

20th of April 2008:

0.6.0 has been released! Adding full client-side SSL support (via OpenSSL library) in a modular way. SMTP and HTTP (client) protocols have been already modified to support new features.


23th of March 2008:

0.6.0 is getting closer now, SSL/HTTPS is working (client side) already. Added a new class diagram to the documentation section.


15th of November 2007:

Released 0.5.8a as minor bugfix release. Bugs:


Bugfix release.

16th of September 2007:

Released 0.5.8 as bugfix release. Bugs:


Bugfix release.

20th of August 2007:

Released 0.5.7 as bugfix release. Bugs:


Bugfix release.

04th of August 2007:

Released 0.5.6 as bugfix release. Bugs:


Bugfix release.

15th of July 2007:

Released 0.5.5 as bugfix release. Bugs:


8th of July 2007:

Released 0.5.4 as bugfix release. Bugs:


25th of June 2007:

Released 0.5.3 as bugfix release. Bugs:


11th of June 2007:

Released 0.5.2 as bugfix release. Fixed a windows and winCE bug in LCLEventer which could cause memory corruption in special cases.1st of June 2007:


Released 0.5.1 according to schedule. New stuff:


This release has been mainly concentrated on the MIME support, the other issues are bug fixes and/or maintenance.

14th of April 2007:

Released 0.5.0 not according to schedule. New stuff:


This is mostly a bugfix and stabilization release. Many planned features got dropped until we got something we felt right with. Sorry for the delay as well but school was keeping me quite occupied lately.



  1. Tommaso said,

    I like very much your libraries, but I think they should allow to use http protocol not Event based. It would be helpful for include them in selfmade classes.

  2. Vladimir said,

    Lnet not work if the system two or more network interfaces.

    • almindor said,

      Can you be more specific? Which OS, what “not work”? Do you get an error? Please email your use case to me.


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